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Monday, July 26, 2021

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Government allocates budget for tunnel ways across the nation

In the budget speech made public by the finance minister Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal on Saturday, he highlighted the transition of Nepal into...
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Top 10 most expensive stocks in Nepse

Here we present you the most expensive stocks that are listed in Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) in the table below : 
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Government to unveil Budget for the fiscal year 2021/22 today

Government to unveil Budget for the fiscal year 2021/22 today 29 May 2021, Saturday- The government of Nepal will...
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How to Prepare yourself financially for the next financial crisis

Things To Do/Consider To Be Financially Prepared For Next Crisis  Covid-19 has been a huge economic disaster all around...
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Machine Learning Algorithms to predict stock price

Machine Learning has seen phenomenal success in recent days in diverse areas of science, economics, finance, medicine, engineering. The finance sector has...
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A comprehensive analysis on Chilime Hydropower Company

Chilime Hydropower Company (CHCL), established in 1995 AD today owns and operates a 22.1 MW power plant. The power plant located in...
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Rice, is an edible starchy edible grain. It is the leading cereal crop in the world. Rice is the world's third on...

EURO 2020: Hungary stun France

Hungary stunned the World Champions after the host held France to a 1-1 draw at fan-filled Ferenc Puskas Stadium in Budapest. Antione...

High Mucormycosis cases reported in India

India has reported about 12,000 cases of "black fungus", mostly in patients recuperating from Covid-19. This severe infection is...

Truck driver Crashes into cyclists racing for charity

A pick-up driver truck has left six cyclists in a critical condition as the truck drove in to the cyclists who had...
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