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Land erosion(Due to Gravity and ice)

Definition:  Land erosion is the process by which material on the surface of the land is dislodged and moved....
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Nepali Army: Fast track will complete in 3 years

Army Chief Purnachandra Thapa has said that the construction of the fast track will be completed in three years. He said that...
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When we think about environmental sustainability, we often come across the term 3R’s. Do you know what 3R’s stands for? It stands...
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Todays Need-Environment Friendly Adventure

We all people are so crazy about roaming, adventuring and exploring various parts of the world. We all have got that fantasy. ...
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Wetlands of Planet Earth

Wetlands are characterized by presence of water either permanently or seasonally, mostly occurring as the transition zone between land and water ecosystem....
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Pollution – A growing concern for Mount Everest

The number of aspirant Everest Climbers has been steadily rising over the decades since its successful ascent in the 1953 expedition. The...
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New budget plan positive for electric vehicles

The last year's Budget reveal of 2077/78 by Dr. Yubraj Khatiwada had devastating impact upon the Electric Vehicle market as the government...
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Plastic Pollution: A major current problem

Rivers clogged with plastics have become a usual sight across countless urban areas of Nepal. It causes severe damage to the ecosystem...
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Green Kathmandu: A Pipedream?

The concept of systematic tree plantation along roads and riversides may be a modern one, but its history in Kathmandu is ancient....
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Review Capital: How To Participate in Testnet phase? Updated Tokenomics

How to participate in Testnet Phase of BuzzerNepal? To participate in Testnet phase of BuzzerNepal, please request testnet RECAP...

Rice, a peacemaking merchandise

Rice, is an edible starchy edible grain. It is the leading cereal crop in the world. Rice is the world's third on...

EURO 2020: Hungary stun France

Hungary stunned the World Champions after the host held France to a 1-1 draw at fan-filled Ferenc Puskas Stadium in Budapest. Antione...

High Mucormycosis cases reported in India

India has reported about 12,000 cases of "black fungus", mostly in patients recuperating from Covid-19. This severe infection is...

Truck driver Crashes into cyclists racing for charity

A pick-up driver truck has left six cyclists in a critical condition as the truck drove in to the cyclists who had...
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