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Thursday, May 6, 2021

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Nepal Politics

The Chair Game Tantrum: Parliament Dissolution in Nepal

I believe everyone at some time in their life has played the game of musical chairs. The game is more popular among...
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Latest news

The Need of Blockchain in News/Content Nowadays

Authentic News/Content these things are rarer than dinosaur's these days. If i see a news uploaded by random guy and there's no confirmation...

Crypto Bull Market: It Comes Faster Than You Think & Also Goes Sooner Than You Think

Currently crypto-currency market is in wild uptrend swing. This was well-predicted long before because most of the people who are in crypto...

Shattered Hopes

No more you, no more your wishDon't have any moment to missDigging a hole to bury your memoriesAnd Letting you go with...

Covid lockdown is here what To Do in these free time?

Second wave of corona cases is here and this time its stronger than ever making daily new high cases and death counts.

What I learned from a Tree

I was always fascinated by the tree and its structure. A few months back, I felt like there was some message from...
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